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Dynamics of Party building in China

《正规买球网站》杂志发表习近平总书记重要文章 在文化传承发展座谈会上的讲话

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新华社北京8月31日电 9月1日出版的第17期《正规买球网站》杂志将发表中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席习近平的重要文章《手机买球网站》。

The article emphasizes that the Chinese culture has a long history and the Chinese civilization is extensive and profound。Only with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the history of Chinese civilization can we more effectively promote the creative transformation and innovative development of fine traditional Chinese culture, more effectively promote the construction of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, and build the modern civilization of the Chinese nation。

The article pointed out that we should deeply grasp the outstanding characteristics of Chinese civilization。There are many important elements in the fine traditional Chinese culture, which together shape the outstanding characteristics of the Chinese civilization。The Chinese civilization has outstanding continuity。The continuity of the Chinese civilization fundamentally determines that the Chinese nation must follow its own path。If we do not understand China from the perspective of its long historical continuity, it is impossible to understand ancient China, it is impossible to understand modern China, and it is impossible to understand future China。Chinese civilization is highly innovative。The innovativeness of the Chinese civilization has fundamentally determined the enterprising spirit of the Chinese nation, which is upholding integrity rather than keeping the old and respecting the old rather than returning to the old. It has determined the fearless character of the Chinese nation, which is not afraid of new challenges and brave in accepting new things。Chinese civilization has outstanding unity。The unity of Chinese civilization,Fundamentally determines the integration of all ethnic cultures of the Chinese nation, even in the face of major setbacks and firm cohesion,It determines the common belief that the land is indivisible, the country cannot be in chaos, the nation cannot be separated, and the civilization cannot be broken,National unity is always the core of China's core interests,Determines that a strong and united country is bound by the destiny of its people。The Chinese civilization is remarkably inclusive。The inclusiveness of the Chinese civilization has fundamentally determined the historical orientation of the Chinese nation in exchanges, exchanges and integration, the harmonious coexistence of diverse religious beliefs in China, and the openness of the Chinese culture to other civilizations。The Chinese civilization is of outstanding peace。The peaceful nature of Chinese civilization,This fundamentally determines that China will always be a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of the international order,It has determined that China will continue to pursue cultural exchanges and mutual learning rather than cultural hegemony,That China will not impose its values and political system on others,It has determined that China will stick to cooperation rather than confrontation,Never engage in a small circle of "sharing the same party and seeing differences"。

The article points out that we should deeply understand the great significance of "the combination of the two"。To open up and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics on the basis of the profound Chinese civilization of more than 5,000 years is the only way to integrate the basic tenets of Marxism with China's realities and fine traditional culture。This is the regular understanding we have obtained in exploring the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics。"The combination of the two" is the biggest magic weapon for our success。First, the premise of "combination" is to fit each other。Marxism and the excellent traditional Chinese culture come from different sources, but there is a high degree of compatibility with each other。Only by matching each other can we combine organically。Second, the result of "combination" is mutual achievement。The "second combination" makes Marxism become Chinese, the excellent traditional Chinese culture become modern, and the new culture formed through the "combination" becomes the cultural form of Chinese modernization。Third, "combination" builds the foundation of the road。The key to Chinese characteristics lies in the "combination of two"。The "second combination" has given the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics a broader and more far-reaching historical depth and expanded the cultural foundation of the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics。Chinese-style modernization is the new destiny of the Chinese nation, and it will surely restore the glory of the Chinese civilization。Fourth, "integration" opens up the space for innovation。The "second combination" allows us to take the intellectual and cultural initiative and to exert a powerful influence on roads, theories and institutions。More importantly, the "second combination" is another ideological liberation, allowing us to make full use of the precious resources of excellent traditional Chinese culture in a broader cultural space, and explore future-oriented theoretical and institutional innovation。Fifth, "combination" consolidates cultural subjectivity。Cultural confidence comes from our cultural subjectivity。The establishment of the thought of socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a new era is the most powerful embodiment of this cultural subjectivity。

The article points out that,"The second Union",It is a profound summary of our Party's historical experience in adapting Marxism to Chinese times,It is a profound grasp of the law of the development of Chinese civilization,It shows that our Party's understanding of China's road, theory and system has reached a new height,It shows that our Party's confidence in history and culture has reached a new height,It shows that our Party's consciousness of promoting cultural innovation in inheriting excellent traditional Chinese culture has reached a new height。

The article points out that we should better shoulder the new cultural mission。It is our new cultural mission in the new era to continue to promote cultural prosperity, build a strong cultural country, and build the modern civilization of the Chinese nation from a new starting point。First, strengthen cultural confidence。It is a miracle of human civilization that the Chinese civilization has been enduring for thousands of years, and it is also the basis of our confidence。To strengthen cultural confidence is to stick to our own path。Second, we need to uphold openness and inclusiveness。The broad atmosphere of the Chinese civilization owes much to the open attitude and inclusive mind of the Chinese culture since ancient times。To uphold openness and inclusiveness means to be more proactive in learning from all the fine achievements of human civilization。Third, adhere to integrity and innovation。We must adhere to the integrity and spirit of innovation, continue the historical context, write a contemporary chapter。

The article emphasizes that the best inheritance of history is to create a new history, and the greatest respect for human civilization is to create a new form of human civilization。We should work together to create a new culture belonging to our times and build a modern civilization of the Chinese nation。

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