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  2006年8月In order to implement industrial transformation and upgrading and realize the strategic deployment of transforming from traditional natural gas chemical industry to coal chemical industry, Lutianhua (Group) Co., Ltd. acquired "Ningxia Jiemei Fengyou Chemical Co., LTD." through equity acquisition, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lutianhua Group Lutianhua Co., LTD。In January 2015, for the needs of production and operation, Ningxia Jiemei Fengyou Chemical Co., Ltd. was renamed "Ningxia Heling Chemical Co., LTD.", hereinafter referred to as "Heling Company"。

  Hexing Company is located in Yinchuan Ningxia Ningdong Energy source Chemical base Coal Chemical Industry Park B area, covers an area of 2163 mu, registered capital 12.6亿元。The company has a sound corporate governance structure, the establishment of the party committee, the trade union, the Youth League committee, the establishment of the board of directors, the supervisory committee, the construction of a streamlined and efficient management team, under the 12 functional management departments and 8 production and maintenance workshops。

  2006年,Decided by the former Lutianhua (Group) Co., LTD,Lutianhua Group Company invested in the acquisition of "Ningxia Jiemei Fengyou Chemical Co., LTD." (now "Ningxia Hexing Chemical Co., LTD."),Hereinafter referred to as "Heling Company"),To start the construction of coal as raw materials annual output of 400,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 700,000 tons of urea and 200,000 tons of methanol project,The estimated total investment is 52.70亿元。

  As early as September 2005, the President Committee of the former Lutianhua Group Company began to carry out industrial transformation and upgrading deployment, planning the layout of the coal chemical industry in Northwest China, and held several special meetings and dispatched investigation teams to investigate the feasibility and development mode of developing the coal chemical industry in Ningxia。

  After many arguments, in October 2005, Lutianhua Group Company and the former Hong Kong Jiemei Group Company signed the "Agreement on Lutianhua Group Company's acquisition of shares of Ningxia Jiemei Fengyou Company and Ningxia Meining Pipeline Company held by Hong Kong Jiemei Group", that is, the "framework agreement" for the acquisition of matters.。The Framework Agreement clearly stated that Lutianhua agreed to acquire 90% and 51% of the shares of the fertilizer project and the pipeline project respectively, and agreed on issues such as the acquisition price, natural gas indicators, the work content of the two parties and the signing of the formal acquisition agreement。

  2006年1月Lutianhua Group Company submitted to the Sichuan SASAC "Lutianhua (Group) Co., Ltd. on the acquisition of Ningxia Jiemei Fengyou Chemical Co., Ltd. large fertilizer plant and Meining Pipeline Company equity Report"。Sichuan SASAC attaches great importance to this work,Its technical research center commissioned an independent investigation into the project,Organize experts to evaluate the feasibility and economy of the project,Finally, it was discussed and studied by the director of the special committee of SASAC of Sichuan Province,In April 2006, Lutianhua was approved by the Sichuan State Assets Letter (2006) No. 48 document in the form of equity acquisition,It holds 90% equity of Ningxia Jiemei Fengyou Chemical Co., LTD., and 51% equity of Ningxia Meining Pipeline Company,It opened the historical journey of the construction of Ningxia large fertilizer project of Hexing Company。

  2006年8月He Ning company set up a project company management team with Liu Hongsheng as the chairman and Wang Youhua as the general manager to formally carry out the project construction work。

  21 September 2006At 9:00 am, Hexing Company held the "Lutianhua Ningxia Fertilizer Project foundation laying Ceremony" at the construction site of Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone Project.。However, as the project site is located in the South Wenchang Street, Yinchuan City, Ningxia, which is within the scope of Ningxia Yinchuan (National) Economic and Technological Development Zone, based on various factors such as transportation and energy, and after many arguments, Hexing Company decided to move the construction address of the project to the current Coal Chemical Industry Park B area of Ningxia Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base。

  April 10, 2009The coal chemical project of Hexing Company held a groundbreaking ceremony in Ningdong Energy Chemical Base of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, marking that the project entered the project construction and implementation stage from the preliminary preparation stage. On June 29, 2009, the company officially established "Ningxia Jiemei Fengyou Chemical Co., LTD. Large fertilizer Project Construction Headquarters".。

  Under the support and care of the leaders and leaders of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, Sichuan SASAC, Luzhou Municipal Government, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region People's Government and Ningdong Administrative Committee at all levels, the construction progress of Hexing Company project has been orderly promoted, the pre-construction procedures of each project have been approved, and the project land has been put in place。On October 27, 2009, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Economy and Information Technology Commission officially approved the project to start construction。

  2007年9月,The field level is complete;November 2012,Desalted water device built;May 2013,Air separation device built;June 2013,Gasification plant built;July 2013,Synthesis and methanol equipment was built,Urea plant, circulating water plant and boiler plant have been built successively.At the end of September 2013,Completion of project machinery。

  September 7, 2013Desalted water driving one-time success, qualified desalted water; On September 30, the 1# boiler was fired, on October 5, the 2# boiler was fired, and on October 24, the 3# boiler was fired.On December 1, the air compressor of the air separation device was qualified for one-time test。

  February 24, 201405 Air separation unit (40000Nm3/h) put into operation to produce qualified oxygen and nitrogen; On April 2, the CO2 turbine compressor air linkage test of the urea plant achieved a complete success.On May 1, the ignition and debugging of the torch system was successful;On June 20, three furnaces of gasification A, B and C were successfully fed one after another。

  June 6, 2014The methanol unit drives to produce crude methanol;On June 8, high-grade refined methanol was successfully produced;On June 18, the first batch of crude methanol products were successfully sold and filled。 On June 29, the synthesis plant successfully produced qualified synthetic ammonia。On July 4, the urea plant successfully produced qualified urea。

  2015年Since then, due to the double impact of low product prices and the continued high price of raw materials (mainly coal), Heling Company's production and operation have fallen into difficulties, high financial costs, the company is heavily in debt, a large number of personnel loss, and the enterprise is struggling。On December 14, 2017, the company was ruled to enter bankruptcy reorganization by Luzhou Intermediate People's Court, and appointed Beijing King & Wood (Chengdu) Law firm as the manager。On August 28, 2018, Sichuan Luzhou Intermediate People's Court civil ruling 2017 Sichuan 05 break No. 4 ter "Ningxia Hexing Chemical Co., LTD. Reorganization Plan" was passed by a high vote, and Hexing Company officially entered the stage of judicial reorganization。

  With the smooth progress of the judicial restructuring, the company got rid of the heavy debt burden on its back。With the joint efforts of all employees, the company's financial costs have been effectively controlled, the operation of the production plant has become increasingly stable, the enterprise management has been steadily promoted, the advantages of the coal chemical industry have been highlighted, and the work of Hexing Company has presented a new atmosphere。In 2018, the company achieved operating income of 16.2.9 billion yuan, profit 2.7.7 billion yuan, achieving the first profit since the establishment of the factory;In 2019, the company continued to maintain the good development momentum since 2018, and achieved sales revenue for the whole year.4.3 billion yuan, a profit of 1.500 million yuan, to achieve the profit since the establishment of the factory "two consecutive strikes"。

  2018年9月The company obtained the quality, environment, occupational health and safety system certification, and in March 2019, the company's energy management system was also officially certified by an authority。At this point, the company's quality, environment, occupational health and safety and energy "four standards in one" management system has been fully formed。2019年9月The company won the coal chemical industry "benchmarking work Progress Award",2019年7月The company was identified as a leading industrial enterprise of 60 households in the autonomous region and awarded the title of "Advanced Unit of Safety Production Work" in 2019 by the Management Committee of Ningdong Base。2020年1月,The company won the honor of outstanding contribution enterprise of Ningxia Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Won the honorary title of "Advanced Collective of Environmental Protection" in Ningdong Base in 2020,;2020年4月,Passed the safety standardization level three standard audit and acceptance,Continue to promote the creation of safety standardization level 2 standards;January 2020,The outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus,Hexing company combines the requirements of epidemic prevention and control policies with its own reality,The prevention and control strategy of "large closure and import rejection" was put forward in due course,Strictly in accordance with the "foreign import prevention,Internal prevention of rebound "epidemic prevention policy precision,We will ensure both epidemic prevention and control and workplace safety,While the epidemic prevention and control work has achieved good results,Ensure the safe and stable operation of the device,We have won both the production and operation campaign and the epidemic prevention and control war,Achieve a "trifecta" of sustained profitability。

  On the road of future development,He Ning company will be under the correct leadership of Lutianhua Group Company and Lutianhua Stock Company,Adhering to the "fine, fine, solid, high, new" management philosophy,Closely around the Lutianhua stock company issued production and management objectives,Take the opportunity of debt restructuring,Become bigger and stronger in the fierce competitive environment,For Lutianhua Group "to build ten billion enterprises.,To achieve the second take-off "goal and work together, forge ahead。

  Under the overall deployment of the "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan of Ningdong Management Committee, Hening Company is increasing foreign cooperation and exchanges, relying on production, education and research, based on scientific and technological innovation, and seeking transformation and upgrading。目前,The company is making full use of the advantages of the park of Ningdong Management Committee and the strong technical support of Lutianhua Group Company,Actively promote the "new energy, new agrochemical, new materials" three new strategies,We will focus on the development and construction of industries and products such as hydrogen energy utilization, compound fertilizer, new urea, and high-end polyformaldehyde,Strut in the "14th Five-Year Plan" pragmatic practice, steady development on the road,Open a new situation of Lutianhua Group Company's northwest industry development,Strive for the second take-off of Lutianhua Group。

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