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Remember the national May Day women's model - Jiang Shifang



The working class heart to the party to build a new era

Qi Yanni, a member of the Communist Party of China, joined Heling in 2014 and is now an analyst at the Quality Testing Center。Since my entry,She started as an ordinary intern,In the face of many sampling points, complex analysis projects, professional, high accuracy requirements of work problems,She didn't back down.,It's about active learning,Carefully observe the inspection process of the teachers,Explore and practice,Constantly improve their theoretical level and practical ability,All sections of the plant, gas tanks, storage tank area are left... [全文]


The working class heart to the party to build a new era

Mo Chao, a member of the Communist Party of China, joined Heling in 2016。He loves his job and works hard. After the tempering of circulating, pumping, compressor, evaporation and other positions, he successfully grew into a qualified master control staff in the urea workshop。In the eyes of many people, the front-line work is boring, but Mo Chao, with his sense of responsibility and ambition, insists on doing a wonderful and passionate job。He usually carefully monitored the plate, meticulous inspection, assiduous study, and constantly improve the job operation skills... [全文]


Monthly one-star column: Air separation workshop Zhang Junfang, Wang Xiaoqing

Zhang Junfang, who entered the company after graduating from university in 2012, participated in the original driving of two sets of air separation devices. In 2018, she passed the recruitment assessment and became the only female (deputy) monitor of the workshop。Wang Xiaoqing, who became a regular employee of the company in 2018, has become the third master of the workshop due to his diligence and eagerness to learn "People" is the reserve army of the main control post, but also Zhang Junfang's apprentice。 [全文]


December 2020 "One star per month" : Synthesis workshop: Dai Yuanfeng

In 2014, Dai Yuanfeng came to Ningxia as a member of Lutianhua Co., Ltd. to participate in the original device driving of Hexing Company. In May 2015, he officially became a member of Hexing Company and is now the monitor of the synthesis workshop。Over the years, he has worked steadily, earnestly performed his duties, and "taught" young employees to make ordinary work meaningful。 [全文]


Around the model maintenance workshop Ma Jidong

Ma Jidong became a young worker in the maintenance workshop of Hening Company in September 2017. For more than two years, he has been based on his own position, with a diligent and studious work attitude, practical and willing work style and good work results, so that youth can be enriched and meaningful in the front-line work。 [全文]


December 2019 "One star per month" style show

  Gasification workshop master Li Xiaogang story brief introduction Li Xiaogang,In July 2013, it entered the gasification workshop of Ningxia Hexing Chemical Co., LTD,Participated in the gasification plant construction, production preparation and test the whole process,Through their own efforts,Delve into,From a gasification site operator gradually grow into a gasification central control operator,And won the 2018 company technical expert。  At 11:13 on December 18, 2019, gasification furnace A was carrying out driving work and suddenly gasification B... [全文]


November 2019 "One star per month" style show

  Comrade Liu Longji entered the company in July 2017, working hard, whether it is maintenance operations or cleaning, he can always see his tall figure on the front line。He treats professional knowledge assiduously, and ranks among the best in the workshop staff evaluation.He also actively participates in various activities held by the company, and has been widely recognized by workshop leaders and colleagues with a down-to-earth, diligent and humble attitude。  In the early hours of November 14th... [全文]


In October 2019, "One star per month" style show

  Zhang Hao, born in 1990, entered the company in 2013 and served as the monitor in 2016。With his assiduous learning attitude, pragmatic and serious work style, excellent business ability, calm and clear instructions in handling abnormal working conditions, he has been unanimously affirmed and recognized by workshop leaders and colleagues。  At 22:17 on October 11, Wang Wei, the main control personnel, found that the bearing temperature of the 2 feed pump rose rapidly and the current fluctuated greatly。张浩... [全文]


September 2019 "One star per month" style show

  Comrade Tian Biao entered the gasification workshop of Heming Company in April 2013, based on his own position, diligent, practical and serious, active and motivated;Not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue, every time the device maintenance, you can see his busy figure in the maintenance site。The comrade's practical work style, serious study of business, humble attitude has been widely recognized by colleagues。  At 8:40 on September 11, 2019, Tian Biao looked like going... [全文]


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