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Talent policy

Ningxia Hexing Chemical Co., LTD. Talent policy

一、Educational subsidy policy

Full-time doctor, full-time master and"Double first-class" university undergraduates, one-time signing with the company5Labor Contract, in addition to salary income, additional separately enjoy2000/月、1000/月、500/Monthly education subsidy。

Second, certificate allowance policy

Employees who have obtained registered safety, environmental protection or fire protection professional qualification certificates, in addition to salary income, additional benefits800/Month (Advanced),400/Monthly (intermediate) certificate allowance。

Third, multi-channel talent policy

Heling Company has a rich variety of talent development channels,It provides different career development paths for professional and technical personnel and skilled personnel。

(1) Professional and technical personnel

Encourage professional and technical personnel to become talented, select and employ managers with excellent professional skills and outstanding work performance as professional managers, and enjoy favorable salary treatment。

(2) Skilled personnel

Encourage skilled personnel to become talented, select and employ front-line technical workers with rich practical experience, superb operation level, proficient in a certain type of skills and skills as technicians, senior technicians, in addition to salary income, additional enjoyment600/月、1500/Monthly allowance。

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