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Job demand

Synthetic device operator

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Ningxia Heling Chemical Co., Ltd. is a key investment enterprise in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, a leading industrial enterprise, and a key scale enterprise in Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base。The company was established in2002, floor space1206Mu, registered capital19.1100 million yuan, asset size5.4 billion yuan, belonging to Lutianhua Co., LTD. (listing code 000912) wholly-owned state-owned enterprises。

Ningxia Hexing Chemical Co., LTD. Phase I project with coal as raw material, the main production44万吨/ year synthetic ammonia, 700,000 tons/year urea,30万吨Methanol, by-product sulfur, ammonium sulfate, annual operating income of nearly 2 billion yuan, good profit situation。The "clean beauty" brand urea produced by the company has a pivotal position in the northwest fertilizer industry, product quality is reliable, product sales based on the northwest market, radiation in North China, Southwest, Central China and other provinces and cities, deeply trusted by customers。

一、Recruitment condition

College degree or above, major in chemical engineering2More than the same or similar device methanol, synthesis, purificationWorking experience in field operation。

2. Basic conditions

1. Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system"Two maintenance"。

(2) Abide by national laws, regulations and social moral norms, have good conduct and good professional ethics。

(3) Good health, no occupational taboo。

(4) Have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, dedication, hard work。

3. Welfare benefits

(1) Once the applicant is hired, the Labor Contract is signed, the salary treatment is superior, and the five insurance and one fund are paid in full according to the national regulations。

(2) Employees are entitled to additional supplementary medical treatment, accidental injury, etc2 commercial insurance benefits。

(C) Employees enjoy national holidays, ethnic festivals in the autonomous region, paid annual leave, family leave and other leave benefits。

(4) Employees are entitled to heat prevention, winter heating, regular health examination, various labor protection (labor protection clothing, skin care and toiletries, etc.) and other labor protection benefits。

(5) Employees enjoy free commuting, working meals (separate meals, Chinese meals) and birthday, holiday condolences and other living benefits。

(vi) New employees shall be provided with revolving rooms on demand, and enjoy hotel lounges and other accommodation benefits during the on-duty period。

4. Recruitment procedures

(1) Individual application: The applicant will submit his/her resume to the email address (nxhnhx@126.comNote: Mail name"Name + job application), and provide a scanned copy of the relevant documents。

(2) Resume screening: The company will screen resumes according to the recruitment requirements。

(3) Written test and interview: Arrange the candidates who are qualified in the first examination to conduct written test and interview in batches。

五、Contact information

Company website:

Contact: Ms. Wang

Contact number:0951-5923010

Add: Ningxia Yinchuan Ningdong Energy Chemical Base coal chemical Industry ParkB区

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Contact: General Management Office

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