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Industrial sulfur

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  Industrial sulfur is an important chemical product and basic industrial raw material, widely used in chemical industry, light industry, pesticide, rubber, dye, paper and other industrial sectors。Solid industrial sulfur has block, powder, granular and flake, etc., yellow or light yellow。 Sulfur has a lot of arsenic,Easy to cause renal insufficiency and failure, multiple neuritis, liver function damage,Do not take orally,Because sulfur binds to oxygen,Produce sulfur dioxide,Sulfur dioxide has a bleaching effect,So illegal traders mainly use sulfur fumigation to bleach or whiten food;Sulfur also has a bactericidal effect,Therefore, it can be used to prevent food spoilage,Extend shelf life。

  Sulfur is mainly used to produce sulfuric acid, dyes, fireworks and rubber products, and can also be used in military, medicine, pesticides and other departments。Food sulfur can be used in the food industry for anti-corrosion, insecticide, bleaching, fumigation, etc., and can also be used in starch industry to soften corn and other raw materials。The sulfur particles produced by this process are especially suitable for fireworks, military and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for bleaching and fumigation purposes。

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