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The Discipline inspection committee of Hening Company carried out a special activity of "Family style Education · Family Integrity"

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为进一步学习贯彻落实习近平总书记关于家庭家教家风建设重要论述精神,营造崇德向善、干事创业、传承家风的浓厚氛围。On August 30, the Discipline Inspection Committee of Hexing Company organized members of the Discipline Inspection Committee, discipline inspection officers, some middle-level leading cadres, personnel in key positions and family representatives to carry out a special activity of "Family style education · Family Integrity"。

In the community of Treasure Lake"Family style Family Training Hall", all staff followed the footsteps of the docent, along the main line of historical development, visited and learned the "ancient good family style", "celebrity good family style", "inheritance good family style" and "good family style around us" four exhibition halls。A real picture, a group of detailed historical materials and vivid explanation, let everyone deeply appreciate the respect for the old and love the young, husband and wife harmony, thrift, neighborhood unity, mother's kindness and filial piety of the good family training。

On the occasion of the visit, Li Hongcai, secretary of the Party branch of Baohu Community, sang an original community song "Neighborhood Song" with deep feeling, which won bursts of applause from the on-site personnel。

Wang Min, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the company, organized everyone to learn from Shu Tao, leader of the discipline inspection team of the Luzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Group, about "inheriting good family traditions. Provide Strong Protection "thematic integrity report。He pointed out that all discipline inspection personnel and families should take this activity as an opportunity to fully realize the importance of family discipline, consciously establish a good family style, improve the awareness of integrity, and create a good atmosphere with practical actions。We should inherit the good family discipline, cultivate the good family style, and strive to be the advocate, disseminator and practitioner of the new socialist fashion and the good family style。It is necessary to promote integrity with family style, transform the effect of learning good family style into the driving force to promote the high-quality development of the company, and provide a strong disciplinary guarantee for the company's annual production and operation and the realization of the "double hundred" goal of the group company。(Zhao Jiwei)

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